November 2018

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Power quality in hybrid operating theatres

“Hybrid operating rooms” may sound like something from a sci-fi novel, but they already exist, including at the St George’s University Hospitals Trust in London.

Salinity and sugar sensing using microstrip technology

Conditions like diabetes, stroke, kidney failure among others are on the increase, partly because of modern-day high intake of salt and sugar.

Protecting medical devices from hackers

From toys to refrigerators to cars, the connected devices in our lives are increasing in volume, and medical devices are no exception.

High-performance security design for IoT medical devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a new ecosystem of connected electronic devices that communicate with each other to provide customised functionality in many fields, including medicine.

MuSiC-based algorithm for on-demand heart rate estimation in medical devices

Imagine a world where the word “hospital” is unheard of! This could be reality in a few decades’ time, when all health information will be recorded and monitored remotely via sensors.

Future-proofing energy solutions for medical devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about sensor-laden devices in the home and office, but also in industry, medicine and even combat, among other places.

0-5V analogue input modules 3, 4 and 5

This column is dedicated to a project involving thirteen analogue input modules and seven analogue output modules for use with a 5V microcontroller through its ADC and DAC channels.

Technology advancements in cobots are revolutionising manufacturing

Modern industry is being transformed by a new generation of ‘collaborative robots’, or ‘cobots’, which typically work alongside people to provide additional strength, control, flexibility and safety.

Intermediate voltage for increased power conversion efficiency

How to increase the efficiency of a power converter with high voltage input and low voltage output?

Signal processing for digitisers – part 2

Modular digitisers enable accurate, high-resolution data acquisition for quick transfer to a host computer. Signal processing functions, whether applied in the digitiser or the host computer, enhance the acquired data or extract useful information from a simple measurement.

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