November-December 2020

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LVDS interfaces for industrial applications

By Thomas Brand, Field Applications Engineer, Analog Devices In this era of automation, digitisation and Industry 4.0, the transmission of signals and data are taking on an ever greater role. The networking of machines, systems and even individual sens …

Ways to benefit from 5G cellular networking technologies

The mobile phone networking (cellular communications) industry likes to give the impression that its technology advances in a series of occasional but massive leaps.

Handling separate ground connections in switching regulators

How should you proceed with a switching regulator with an analogue ground (AGND) and a power ground (PGND)

Applications most suited for isolated DC-DC converters

Low-power DC-DC converters offer a simple way of deriving multiple system voltages from a higher-power AC-DC supply, a technique commonly known as a “distributed power architecture”, or DPA.

Compact RF testing solutions for 5G millimeter wave cellular networks

By Stojce Dimov Ilcev, Durban University of Technology The implementation of the fifth-generation (5G) cellular network technology allows telecom operators and Internet service providers to meet the ever-increasing demands for higher transmission data …

Thorough Pre-Silicon Verification of Automotive SoCs

The new silicon content in automotive applications will be far more complex than previous small islands of electronics in simple ECUs.

Top tips for effective remote pair programming

With pair programming, a team are constantly bouncing ideas off one another, adjusting the software design directions to take.

A crystal-clear way forward for mmWave 5G

Looking from both a technical and a commercial perspective, there are three big problems when it comes to 5G using mmWave frequencies.

Graphene-based sensors will enable insightful healthcare applications

Graphene-enabled inks, composites, coatings, packaging and interactive textiles, are already making commercial inroads, and, in the mid-term, graphene might prove crucial for the energy sector, with graphene-enabled batteries and supercapacitors.

Vehicle electrification – trends in high-voltage connection systems

As the European Union implements its Green Deal goal to be carbon neutral by 2050, governments and environmental groups are demanding cleaner cities and a reduction in greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

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