March-April 2020

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Selecting the right amplifier for a filter

Before the final production go-ahead, it is very important to verify that the right parts have been selected in the circuit.

A simple circuit that generates two non-overlapping pulse waveforms

In electronics, there’s often a need for a two-output generator with alternating voltage pulses that don’t overlap.

Audio and broadcast components – back to the future

The live-music field has always required rugged, high-reliability connectors – and not much has changed in 21st century.

Touchscreen considerations for tough environments

Touchscreens are presenting OEMs with a combination of challenges and opportunities right now.

Lending an ear to optical heart-rate measurement

Advancements in sensor technology have transformed how and where people diagnose their vital statistics and health.

Enabling the three pillars of automotive IoT: telematics, infotainment and V2X communication

When it comes to connected cars, there are just a few more things that need to be ironed out.

A new generation of displays in avionics

Pilots have witnessed a gradual but dramatic evolution in the design of cockpit display systems..

Flat panel displays are reaching out beyond the world of electronics

Sales of flat panel displays will most likely exceed $135bn by the end of 2020, further reaching $175bn toward the end of 2025.

Video walls need a cost-effective solution

Video walls have traditionally been used in niche applications, such as road- and air-traffic control centres, transportation and large entertainment and exhibition venues.

EMC filters defend against noise in culinary systems

In its culinary system, Scrægg has installed Power Entry Module (PEM) filters of the Schaffner FN9280/90 series.

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