June 2019

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Thermal Simulation of Microprocessors

Microprocessors’ impressive performance comes at a cost, however, requiring a lot of power, which dissipates as heat – and this needs to be managed.

Improving the accuracy of inclination measurement with an accelerometer

Frequently found in vehicles, single- or dual-axis accelerometers measure inclination of the electric park brakes (EPBs) that hold a vehicle stationary. Tilt measurement accuracy can easily be improved with a combined part of accelerometer and gyroscope.

Novel tri-valued T flip-flop based on the NDR characteristic

Circuit design based on the negative differential resistance (NDR) characteristic has more recently attracted a lot of research. NDR is a property of some circuits and devices in which an increase in voltage across the device results in a decrease in current through it

Analogue output module of a 0-5V to 0-10V signal converter

This series of columns is dedicated to a project covering thirteen analogue input modules and seven analogue output modules for 5V microcontroller’s ADC and DAC channels.

Test solutions for 21-32Gbaud transmission technologies

Due to growing information exchange, faster communications standards such as 100, 200, 400GbE and OTN, PCIe Gen4, USB3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 are now in the fore for high-speed transmission and processing of large data volumes.

The ways IoT, the adoption of 5G and autonomous driving affect test

The executive team at the global provider of software-defined platforms National Instruments (NI) has recently examined the most crucial engineering trends and challenges in 2019, assessing their impact on the engineering workloads and, more specifically, on test and measurement tools and methodologies.

Graphene: past and future

Graphene is not a young material: its Noble Prize was awarded in 2010 and the first pioneering firms were established before that, around 2006, making graphene commercially-available for over a decade to date.

Staying power: valves have never gone away from audio designs

When it comes to technical innovation in the electronics industry, some components remain applicable for a lot longer than anyone could have predicted. Many engineers might think of the 555 or 741 as good examples – 40 years on from their initial launch, both are still used in many new designs and are subject of interest at schools and colleges

The many faces of the JTAG port

For many the term “JTAG” is still a point of confusion; for some engineers it is a device-programming port while for others it is for plugging in a microprocessor emulator or debugger, whereas, in fact, it was originally devised for neither.

Q&A with Wayne Ariola, Chief Marketing Officer at Tricentis, who discusses the importance of software testing in the age of the Cloud

Every CIO (chief information officer) now focuses on digital transformation initiatives, like the Cloud, as means to ensure their company is “disrupting” and not “disrupted”.

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