January-February 2020

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Intelliconnect sets up CryoCoax – a new division specialising in connectivity for specialist systems

Intelliconnect (Europe) sets up a new division called CryoCoax that designs and manufactures cryogenic interconnect products.

Oceans can be protected through close, detailed monitoring

With the development of networks and increased interconnectivity, improved and innovative technologies are showing promising signs for areas such as ocean monitoring, especially in the current environmental, economic and political context.

Linux containers are revolutionising manufacturing applications

Linux containers decouple software applications from the operating system, giving users a clean and minimal Linux environment whilst running everything else in one or more isolated “containers”.

Industrial trends in 2020

The shift in industry is toward digital transformation, a process that requires , manufacturers to invest in new technologies, with automation being the key technological driver.

Rittal’s Ri4Power delivers ultimate solutions to industry

The East Midlands Instrumentation Company Ltd (EMI), an electrical, instrumentation and control installation contractor for the power generation, power transmission, rail and industrial markets based in Gainsborough, had a complex specification from a client.

Flash storage in rugged industrial applications

Industrial OEMs see value in optimising the right flash technology to ensure host architecture compatibility whilst meeting their workload requirements.

Choosing waveform digitisers through their entire range of parameters

When selecting a digitiser for acquiring electronic signals, the primary specifications considered tend to be sampling rate, bandwidth and resolution. The first two parameters help define the maximum frequency content the digitiser can capture.

The ways thermal simulation is evolving in 2020

Last year was a landmark year for the thermal simulation industry. Whether it’s rapid advancements in solver technology, the development of cross-platform file formats, or even the launch of VR-based thermal simulation tools, the thermal industry has never been more advanced.

Important aspects to consider when designing equipment enclosures

A durable enclosure is vital to equipment safety so a designer needs to address several key considerations when building an effective enclosure.

The evolution of dedicated inference accelerators

Traditionally, high-performance CPUs, FPGAs and GPUs have been the devices of choice for training a neural network; however, now there are new inference-dedicated devices to consider.

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