January-February 2020

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Adaptive Load Regulation and Dynamic Power Control Enables Cool Designs for Analogue Outputs

Today’s typical programmable logic controller (PLC) contains a multitude of analog and digital outputs for the control and monitoring of industrial and production processes.

Four basic rules for good sensor design-in

For engineers, development of IoT devices is becoming challenging; this involves gaining knowledge about connectivity and energy harvesting as well as sensor integration, and data processing and management.

Wireless sensor nodes: no-battery zone

Ultralow power wireless sensor nodes have allowed systems powered by local ambient energy instead of a primary or secondary battery.

Microcontroller development boards

Microcontroller-based system design is nowadays carried out using microcontroller development boards, or kits, which contain powerful processors with many interface and supporting modules.

Driving a unipolar gate driver in a bipolar way

Is a specialised gate driver needed to deliver positive and negative voltages?

Requirements for system architecture and enclosure solutions for test and measurement systems

There are growing requirements for simulation, test and measurement tasks that are changing the requirements for enclosure and cabinet solutions.

Successful detection and identification of mobile interference

Governments, regulatory bodies and mobile operators are focusing on identifying and minimising sources of interference.

The automotive industry is emerging as a key market for conductive inks

IDTechEx Research forecasts that on-road electric cars will reach approximately 40m units by 2029, with different degrees of electrification.

Smart factory setups require a fast, scaleable and robust fieldbus

For many manufacturers, the first steps to digitalisation are often wrought with uncertainty.

Intelliconnect sets up CryoCoax – a new division specialising in connectivity for specialist systems

Intelliconnect (Europe) sets up a new division called CryoCoax that designs and manufactures cryogenic interconnect products.

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