December-January 2021

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The emergence and growing importance of the JESD204 converter interface standard

A new converter interface is steadily picking up steam and looks to become the protocol of choice for future converters.

Electronic circuit simulation using TINA

In conventional laboratory experiments, it is required to purchase electronic components and instruments and use them to build circuits and then carry out experiments using these circuits.

Thermal protection for today’s and tomorrow’s electronics

For engineers designing 5G products for consumer, transportation, telecommunications and industrial applications, reliable thermal protection is a top priority to avoid device failure.

Battery challenges in test and measurement equipment

it’s vital that test and instrumentation equipment can be relied on to provide consistent, accurate measurements, and batteries play a significant role in achieving these.

Fuel cell cars could be a commercial failure

While fuel-cell electric vehicles have been on the table as the long-range zero-emission vehicles to challenge the battery-electric vehicle (BEV), they have major drawbacks.

Researchers develop novel optical scanner for swift detection of eye diseases

European researchers are developing a new real-time scanner that will create a full image of a moving eye without blurring.

Re-FREAM develops sustainable electronics-enabled smart clothing

With the help of integration technologies, clothing can be integrated into networks and textile-integrated sensor technology can be used, which opens up perspectives of wearable applications in the field of e-health

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