May-June 2020

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Optimisation verification in embedded system design

Advanced optimisation testing is currently an underdeveloped skill of compiler developers, requiring urgent action.

Key considerations for an effective battery-management system design

The demand for batteries is growing at an unprecedented rate, with the global lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery market set to more than double over the next five years, from $35bn in 2020 to $71bn in 2025.

Updating legacy machinery with smart capabilities

Machines built some 20 or more years ago lack the capacities for connectivity that are essential to achieve a truly smart factory.

Security vulnerabilities and hardware Trojans in RISC V processors

Traditionally, security vulnerabilities in electronic systems have stemmed from the system or the software, but more recently, hardware IPs, prominently processors, have also become a concern.

Power sequencing verification for FPGAs, CPUs and DSPs

During circuit design, it is important to capture and analyse the characteristics of multiple voltages for these devices during power-up and power-down, as well as during voltage interruptions.

Full digitalisation in electronics manufacturing

Most electronics manufacturers have applied digitalisation to various stages of their product development process.

MicroTCA systems for highly sophisticated applications

Designers of embedded systems face several significant challenges: increasing performance and system stability, yet at lower cost.

Implementing a neural network with Intel’s NCS2

For many developers, getting started on their first neural network application can be extremely daunting.

Fastening solutions for automotive use

The automotive industry has a traditional tiered supply chain but some lower-tier component manufacturers are now challenging this structure, taking a much larger role in innovation and Tier-1 production-line support.

3D printing industry innovations

Several industries are now seriously considering the benefits and competitive edge that 3D printing can lend their operations.

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