July-August 2020

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Q&A with Rob Kräwinkel, Lead Electrical Engineer, Solar Team Twente 2019, who discusses the optimisations his team implemented in its 2019 solar-powered race car

Q:        Is there one race of solar-powered cars that you would not miss? A:        The ultimate challenge for pure solar-powered race cars is the biennial Bridgestone World Solar C …

Balancing device performance with costs is proving tough in the age of AIoT

Balancing cost and performance has always been the ultimate engineering challenge.

First commercial, general-purpose quantum grade diamond for next-generation quantum technologies

“It’s remarkable that these perfectly imperfect diamonds offer so many opportunities in quantum-enabled applications.”

CEA-Leti demonstrates a new gate-all-around nanosheet fabrication breakthrough

CEA-Leti has fabricated a new gate-all-around (GAA) nanosheet device as an alternative to FinFET technology.

Can the planet afford all these IoT sensors?

There’s a growing number of supporting sensors being connected to the cloud already, which poses an obvious question: can our planet afford its power demands?

New holders for OKW’s STYLE-CASE handheld enclosures

OKW has added new S- and M-sized holders to its STYLE-CASE range of ergonomic handheld enclosures.

New Customer Portal for companies using Connext DDS software

RTI’s updated Customer Portal offers better technology for developing software systems, solving challenges faster and helping reduce time to market for distributed systems,

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