July-August 2020

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Rugged enclosure solutions for PIM testing in modern, multi-band 4G and 5G networks

With the growing number of RF bands and effective radiated power, higher system loads and cross-sector PIM, there is a growing number of PIM problems, impacting modern telecoms networks and needing new test solutions.

Current sensing with zero-flux technology

When measuring current requires very high accuracy, zero-flux technology is the best solution.

Current sensing meets the challenges of advanced embedded systems

There are many EV development efforts right now, with focus on improving the efficiency of the powertrain, motors and on-/off-board charging systems, as well as the performance of the battery pack

Miniaturisation demands smaller, more efficient power supplies

In application areas such as transportation, buildings and factories, the equipment providing the intelligence and autonomous functions is getting smaller and sleeker.

Displays face a flexible future

Although flexible display products are emerging, there are still significant performance, component and material improvements yet to be realised.

Powering the vehicle market

With electric-vehicle capabilities in the midst of switching from an environmentally-kinder preference to a mandatory requirement, the industry will have to electrify more than just commercial vehicles.

Sensor manufacturing technology for competitive advantage

Sensor manufacturers are experiencing more pressure to deliver higher quality than ever before.

Touchscreen possibilities grow with new materials

Rapid technological developments in projected capacitive touchscreens are delivering thinner, higher performance and more reliable touchscreens at a lower cost.

Power generation of the future with third-generation photovoltaic technology

One way to lower PV panels’ manufacturing costs and improve their efficiency is to use organic materials that require less demanding conditions for processing.

Electrifying the UK rail network with high-power electronics

Finding a delicate balance between efficiency, efficacy and economy falls to the design engineers who are responsible for both mobile and stationary railway equipment.

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