April 2022

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ASIC-underpinned position sensors for robots

In 2020, the International Federation of Robotics calculated that three million industrial robots were operating in factories around the world. Each of these robots relies on numerous position sensors, which in turn depend on sophisticated ASICs.

The biggest questions about EV charging in the UK now

It is not a surprise that electric and hybrid vehicles charging points in the UK are not on a par with their growing numbers on the road; the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) states that the ration between charge points and vehicles to charge has become 31% worse over 2020.

Approaches, parts and design tips of using brushless DC motors in automotive applications

The problem designers face with BLDC motors is that the control algorithms necessary to drive them are complex and often specialised, making them difficult to get them up and running in a reasonable amount of time.

Filtering out common-mode noise in congested automotive environments

There are many factors adding to interference in electronics, disturbing their functionality and even damaging the devices. Tightly packing components into ever-shrinking spaces makes the situation worse, leading to signals interfering with each other.

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