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Embedded Design Trends

In advance of Embedded World, Mouser shared some insight on embedded design trends. Visit Mouser in Hall 1-434.
M2M.  Machine-to-machine communication, through both wired and wireless access methods, is on the rise. While the technology for remote connectivity isn’t new in Europe, what is changing are the business scenarios and new applications for remote connectivity. This is being triggered by the widespread adoption and upsurge of mobile-based communications. Key M2M adopters include automotive and logistics companies using GPS, energy providers building out smart grids, and healthcare providers wishing to monitor patients and access data remotely.
Laird Technologies, supplier partner of Mouser, offers a wide range of high-performance wireless modules, including Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, 802.11 (WiFi) and proprietary standards that are incorporated in M2M applications and systems.  Their range of Bluetooth Intelligent Serial Modules offers an extremely robust, high performance and fast route to embedding Bluetooth into product design. In addition, Laird’s WiFi modules are ideal for embedded wireless LAN solutions, requiring no host processor and adding intelligent wireless capability to any application. Engineers can quickly discover the latest M2M breakthroughs from Laird Technologies at
ARM® Multi-core Processors. New applications in the areas of imaging, rendering, compression, multimedia and recognition demand higher band width, enhanced processing capabilities, quicker responses and more efficient algorithms. This is creating a shift from 8-bit and 16-bit to 32-bit cores that reduce power consumption, costs and offer increased reliability.
In response, Mouser offers an ever-expanding portfolio of ARM Cortex™–M4 processor solutions for embedded design. The relative simplicity of ARM processors makes them suitable for low-power applications. They have become dominant in the mobile and embedded electronics market, thanks relatively low cost and small size. It firmly stands as the ideal core for high-growth applications such as motor controls, power management and industrial automation.
Mouser carries the newest, most advanced processors for embedded design – Freescale Kinetis product family, Texas Instruments Stellaris LM4F family, NXP Semiconductors’ LXP4300 family, plus ATMEL’s SAM4S MCU series to list a few. Engineers can ARM their designs to the core by visiting


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