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Molex Plastic Substrate Interconnect (PSI) Delivers a Quick,Reliable Connection to LED Chip-on-Board (CoB) Array Holders


The integrated Pico-EZmate harness system simplifies connection by eliminating soldering

Molex Incorporated continues to be a leader in the Solid State Lighting (SSL) interconnect field with the addition of its Plastic Substrate Interconnect (PSI) for LED Chip-on-Board (CoB) Arrays. These customisable interconnects feature a low-profile harness interface that delivers power to the array through a simple and reliable connection to a holder, or plastic substrate. With a low overall package height of ~2.00mm, Molex PSI provides a slim design for space-limited applications while minimising substrate costs. By employing the Pico-EZmate™ harness system, the solution integrates the electrical and mechanical features with the array for a simple, solderless connection.

“Space constraints have driven lighting manufacturers to focus on providing greater light output in smaller packages,” said Dave Rios, new product development manager, Molex. “The Molex PSI solution is unique in that it not only offers a low profile that allows optics to be placed more closely to the LED, it also easily and reliably connects power to the array.”

The PSI system is ideal for high-density and high-light output applications such as down lighting (track, pendants and linear) and area lighting (carriageways, car parks and wall packs). LED Chip-on-Board technology ensures strong future development capabilities by allowing integration of additional components. The system supports a variety of potential PSI designs including:

•Circular: 22.50 by 22.50mm CoB size; 36.00mm outer diameter and 2.0mm profile high

•Rectangular: 22.50 by 22.50mm CoB size; 36.50 by 28.50mm outer dimension and 2.00mm profile height

•Customisable shapes and receptacles

The solderless Pico-EZmate harness attaches to the LED array holder with no special processes or tools for an efficient connection that minimises contact with the array to reduce the risk of damage. The vertical snap-to-mate connection, positive-lock latching feature and gold plated contacts deliver superior reliability. The harnesses will be offered in three wire gauge configurations and various lengths for a range of initial harness options based on application need.

In addition to the integrated Pico-EZmate solution, Molex has a wide variety of low-profile headers and receptacles that can be integrated into a custom PSI depending on the application.

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