November 2021

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The danger of transformerless power supplies on the connected load

Transformers are vital to all conventional power supply circuits. However, more recently, transformerless power supplies have started making their way into appliances.

Setting up the Flowcode App Developer data logger

By using Flowcode’s App Developer it is very easy to create and store files onto the local hard disk drive. With in-built components such as the CSV writer, a file can be easily created and loaded into Excel for chart plotting and further analysis. Wit …

What to consider when choosing an optical transceiver

By Marcin Bala, CTO, Salamanus Optical transceivers are widely used in networking hardware installations, with different modules used for specific applications. While they allow a switch to support different types of transmissions formats, it can somet …

Protecting good quality voice services in 5G network setups

Technological advances have brought on a major change in communications, from circuit-switched 2G networks with initial focus on telephony to fully packet-switched 4G networks for Internet data transfer. Today we are talking 5G technology, with its flexible and sophisticated architecture, pitched to provide enhanced data services for mobile devices.

Stop greenwashing! Start reducing pollution

Some 90% of the largest 500 companies by market cap in the Russell index published sustainability reports in 2019. This is driven by a range of new trends including legislation such as the UK Environmental Bill, Mandatory Climate Disclosures (which will require companies to report on their GHG emissions) and November’s COP26 – all creating a new sense of urgency.

Oxford University spin-off revolutionises battery performance with own system

Brill Power is an Oxford University spin-off that just launched a new battery management systems (BMS) that promises to revolutionise the performance of stationary energy-storage systems. The technology increases battery life by up to 60%, storage capa …

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