May 2021

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Making the right connections in cryogenic applications

One of the biggest challenges in this market is the very narrow supply chain for the exotic materials required to manufacture cryogenic products and the technology that requires to combine components into a working system or sub-assembly.

Analogue IP procurement for fast tape-out of chip designs

When it comes to IP in the analogue domain, experience shows that re-using existing IP is rarely as effective and trouble-free as first thought, partly because of its inherent difficulty of re-use and partly because there are some deficiencies in the way that IP has been supplied.

The importance of functional verification

Designing the front end of a chip is generally seen as more fun than, say, its verification. And, yet, chip verification is a crucial part of the design process and can take up as much as 70% of the time.

JESD204B: What can go wrong?

JESD204B can be a complicated interface standard, with many operational subtleties. Finding out why it is not working requires a good understanding of likely scenarios. It is not an inclusive guide but provides a good basic baseline for an engineer working with and wanting to learn about a JESD204B link.

A device converts shortwave infrared light to visible light

Scientists have designed an organic dye-based device that can see light waves in the shortwave infrared (SWIR) range. The device is easy to make using cheap materials, and is stable at high temperatures, which should lead to its widespread use in imagi …

Layered-materials chip classifies images a thousand times faster than conventional machine-vision systems

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have developed an image sensor with an integrated artificial neural network (ANN) capable of learning and classifying images within nanoseconds.

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