March 2022

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New guidance set up to make AI- and ML-based automation technologies safer

A team of UK computer scientists from University of York has developed guidelines to make machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for autonomous technologies safe. As robots, delivery drones, smart factories and driverless cars become pe …

The benefits of using eddy-current sensors

Recent advances in eddy-current sensor design, integration, packaging and their overall cost reduction have made these sensors a much more attractive option compared to inductive switches and displacement sensors, particularly where high-linearity, high-speed measurements and high resolution are of crucial importance. Both eddy-current sensors as well as inductive switches and displacement sensors have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Configurations of switched-mode power supplies for high-redundancy applications

There are many instances when more than one power supply is required in a system setup – governed by the need for more power, greater system reliability or mechanical constraints. Find out more here….

Cloud computing in space

By installing a space cloud directly in the satellite, Swedish company Unibap is addressing the problem of data latency. Its solution, called SpaceCloud, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to decide locally which data is relevant. Instead of sending massive raw data streams, it only transmits necessary data to the ground station, such as analysis results and positioning commands.

A flexible supercapacitor might power future wearables thanks to research

Research from the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) and the Federal University of Pelotas (ufpel), Brazil, has shown how a supercapacitor can be efficiently manufactured into a high-performance and low-cost power storage device …

European consortium develops a photonics device and LEDs to fight climate change

A European consortium is developing a new process that uses sunlight and LEDs to turn carbon dioxide and green hydrogen into clean energy products like methane gas and methanol liquid fuel. Called “SPOTLIGHT”, the consortium is creating a chemical proc …

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