March 2021

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Power decentralisation made easy

Decentralisation of system components has proven to be an important factor in the growing trend for flexible, modular systems in the world of automation, control and machine building.

Selecting external components for a DC-DC converter

There are many benefits to using standard off-the-shelf DC-DC converters, which will then use some common external components.

Legacy Infrastructure – the Saqqara Necropolis of the IT world?

Too often, developers rush to discard mainframes and legacy infrastructure, immediately aiming to build something shiny and new.

2Excel Geo is developing Earth Observation validation engine to analyse the condition of roadside trees

Remote sensing technology provider, 2Excel Geo, has signed up to the national SPRINT business support programme to develop an Earth Observation validation engine for roadside trees.

Epishine launches world’s smallest organic solar cell

Swedish technology firm Epishine has just released its “light cell”, which promises to revolutionise powering small electronic devices. Its organic solar cells are thin and flexible, easily integrated in sensors, consumer electronics and other low-power devices, helping reduce or eliminate the need for batteries.

Comparison between JESD204B and serial LVDS interfaces in wideband data converter applications

The JESD204A/JESD204B industry standard for serial interfaces was developed to address the problem of interconnecting the latest wideband data converters with other system ICs in an efficient and cost-saving way. The motivation was to standardise an interface that would reduce the number of digital inputs/outputs between data converters and other devices, such as field programmable gate arrays (FGPAs) and system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices, through scaleable high-speed serial interface.

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