July/August 2021

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Optimising the smallest negative power supply circuit

Many integrated circuits (ICs) still need both positive and negative voltage supplies (i.e., +VCC and -VCC). To obtain these, there are several options, including: using two batteries connected in series, and using a negative voltage supply generator circuit.

Design considerations for EMI-resistant and blind-mate connectors

By Shaun Findley, European Director of Product and Purchasing, and Jakub Kosinski, product manager, PEI-Genesis Our world is criss-crossed with RF signals, since all our electrical and electronic equipment emit electromagnetic waves. These waves then i …

Piezo dynamic force measurement improves semiconductor manufacturing

The advance of 5G, IoT and Big Data, as well as new technology introductions, place greater demands on semiconductors. As application requirements become more complex, so does the need for better performing-semiconductors, in turn making their production more challenging.

High density compute and connectivity drives development of the CS connector

s network bandwidth doubles every 18 months (Edholdm’s law), provisions have to be made to distribute this additional workload.

Three key physical layer performance metrics for a JESD204B transmitter

By Jonathan Harris, Applications Engineer, Analog Devices With the increased adoption of the JESD204 interface in data converters, it has become necessary to devote more attention to the performance and optimisation of the digital interface; the focus …

The everyday jobs people would rather hand over to robots

A recent survey of 2000 people in the UK has revealed the jobs people would gladly give up to robots to handle – cleaning, gardening and DIY.

Engineers Without Borders UK launches new strategy for ethical transformation of engineering

Engineers Without Borders UK is leading a movement to put global responsibility at the heart of engineering through a new strategy. The organisation aims to radically change the current culture in the engineering sector to ensure a safe and just future for all.

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