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Farnell rolls out the ‘super:bit’ programme across Norway’s classrooms


Farnell has rolled out a new programme in Norway, called “super:bit”, to provide a classroom kit of technology to each of the 2,400 secondary schools in Norway, over two years, starting this month.

The kits have an interactive smart city theme and pupils will learn how to use the micro:bit through applications such as planning traffic flow around green spaces by using sensors to control traffic lights. The kits, shipped by Farnell, include micro:bits, robots and other electronic and non-electronic components.

The project is a collaboration between the national science centres in Norway.

“Programmes such as ‘super:bit’ in Norway enable teachers to teach basic electronics and computational thinking with easy access to products and educational resources. Farnell, as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the micro:bit, and global electronics distributor, is uniquely able to support programmes such as this,” said Lee Turner, Global Head of Semiconductors and Single Board Computers at Farnell.

Gareth Stockdale CEO, Micro:bit Educational Foundation added: “Our mission to help children and teachers to take their first steps with technology and broaden participation with digital creativity continues to grow with large scale programmes in over 30 countries. We continue to work with Farnell to ensure that the BBC micro:bit is available all around the world and that these large projects are facilitated.”

To further support the rollout of micro:bit as a tool for STEM education in schools, Farnell is the sponsor for the very first annual gathering of the global micro:bit community of educators and partners on 4th and 5th October in Manchester.

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