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Easter challenge from verification company OneSpin Solutions


In the effort to support the remote-working verification community, OneSpin Solutions, the Munich-based provider of certified IC integrity verification solutions, is running a fun weekly challenge on its website to take engineers’ minds off the current Coronavirus climate.

Each week, OneSpin will hide an inspirational quote on its website for visitors to find, akin to an ‘Easter Egg’ hunt. Once found, visitors can register for a draw to receive a year-long subscription to its MasterClass (, which offers lessons, case studies, and projects. The challenge runs until May 1.

“We recognise that today’s working environment is adapting to meet the needs of current global health concerns,” said Rob van Blommestein, Head of Marketing at OneSpin. “We are supporting this shift so that the verification community doesn’t feel handicapped in terms of access to knowledge and expertise. Our mission is to assure that the integrity of what the IC community is designing is met with the highest standard of verification even when engineering teams are faced with remote working challenges.”

OneSpin Solutions announced the expansion of its online resources program to enable today’s remotely-working verification engineers to continue to create electronics that are functionally correct, safe, trusted and secure.  The updated program provides engineers the knowledge tools necessary to tackle their complex verification challenges from the safety of their home environment amid the COVID-19 situation.

The program includes live, one-to-one, customised demos; comprehensive set of user case studies and presentations; white papers, articles, videos, and more. There are a number of webinars in development related to RISC-V, specific design verification challenges, safety, trust and security, and equivalence checking of FPGAs. The program will also be launching an online Q&A session related to RISC-V verification; other Q&A topics will follow.

Those interested in looking at the materials available, to immediately sign-up for a demo or to be notified when additions to the program will be ready can go to:    

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