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Centenary Issue


This April is a special edition of Electronics World, where we celebrate 100 years of publication. Electronics World started life as Wireless World when it was first published in April 1913.

Now in its Centenary year we remain one of the very few magazines in the world that can celebrate a 100 years of publication in print.

The special expanded issue is designed to celebrate and entertain you with all that is great about electronics innovation and design over the past 100 years, with a retrospective on past articles through to the latest electronics design ideas.

Part of this issue will feature a report on a readership survey we have undertaken over the past 12 months, designed to get feedback from you, our readers, on what you think have been the greatest achievements in electronics design. After all, without our dedicated and loyal supporters, subscribers and contributors, we could never have reached this milestone.

Overwhelmingly voted for inclusion by our readers, was the world famous Arthur C Clarke’s Extra Terrestrial Relays article from October 1945, which we are honoured to feature amongst our Centenary content.  This article was recently featured in the BBC2 Genius of Invention programme, broadcast on the 7th of February 2013.

This article was the first to suggest the use of geo-stationary satellites to assist in global communications, something that is ubiquitous today in every aspect of our lives, and has helped to shape the world we live in.

We have already received many congratulatory messages, as well as contributions from several of the industry’s largest and well-known electronics companies. In this issue they share their views of how electronics, and the work of the electronics engineer, have changed over the decades, and how they see them evolve in the years ahead.

So join us in celebrating this milestone, our first hundred years!


If you would like to order your copy of this special commemorative edition, and add a slice of Electronics History to your collection, contact


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