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What engineers need from T&M vendors


By Maria Heriz, Vice President EMEAI, Tektronix

Test and measurement giant Tektronix late last year commissioned a global survey of some 1,300 T&M engineers to discover what are their current requirements and concerns when using T&M equipment. The results of the survey are out and show the following trends: To keep pace with rapid advancements in technology, today’s test and measurement engineers seek longer lasting products and more technical support

  • Long instrument lifetime and greater reliability

Nearly 40% of the survey respondents expect equipment to last more than ten years, whilst a fifth (some 21%) demand it to last over five years, backing up findings that engineers place a high value on instrument reliability.

The survey reveals that engineers want to protect their investments and get continued value from their purchases, which is in line with T&M vendors who continue to offer service and technical support. Tektronix is among those that offer different warranty lengths according to product type. At Tektronix, calibration and repair support for each product typically continues for a minimum of five years after a product has been discontinued.

  • Technical support

Among the services engineers value the most is technical support – over 70% of the survey respondents require it.

Tektronix strives to support engineers’ needs by offering evolved ways of working, including remote control capabilities with its TekScope and TekDrive, collaborative T&M data workspaces that enable cloud-based software-defined engineering – this is trend that grew significantly in importance over the last two years. Throughout the pandemic, solutions such as virtual online product demonstrations have shown to be very popular with T&M customers.Tektronix also provides its customers with support through a dedicated technical Pan-European support team and a European multilingual ‘Center of Excellence’ (CoE) team.

  • Post-sales support

Post-sales support such as calibration, repair and training were also listed to be of significant value to today’s engineers.
Tektronix has one of the world’s most comprehensive networks of repair and calibration services for any brand of test and measurement equipment, and also offers asset management and factory service plans.

Extensive online training resources, including application notes, training videos and webinars, all helps today’s engineer.

  • Other requirements

Other key factors that survey participants said they value from their vendors include:

  • Comprehensive, easily-accessible and quick-to-navigate user manuals (69%),
  • A good supply of accessories and probes (50%), and
  • Extensive and detailed application notes (43%). 

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