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Ultra-thin, flexible thermistor for fast surface temperature sensing especially in tight spots


Truly versatile the Semitec JT ultra-thin NTC Thermistor is widely used across the world in many diverse industries from wearable medical technologies (including blood glucose monitors), heat detectors, CPU/IC monitoring, prismatic and pouch cells, and E-V applications.

Slim but strong, the JT thermistor is only 0.5mm thick at its sensing tip (thinner than a credit card) making it the thinnest flexible NTC available world-wide.

Suitable for both air and surface temperature monitoring- the sensing element is protected/laminated between two polymer layers making it flexible and resilient at the same time.

This flexibility allows the JT’s sensor to be placed much closer to the heat source and often in many space-sensitive applications helping to deliver optimum temperature control.

The JT can literally bend over backwards to solve your temperature sensing problems!

Also, a high performing NTC – the Semitec JT can operate in extreme temperatures from -50°C to +125°C with highly accurate 1% R25 tolerances and resistance values of 10kΩ and 100kΩ.  In addition, the JT thermistors have excellent electrical insulation and so can be safely used where they might come into contact with adjacent live components.

Putting it simply, our JT thermistors outperform other slower, larger inflexible competitors!

Semitec NTC thermistors form part of an extensive range of thermal components and protection devices available from ATC Semitec.

Contact us for comprehensive technical advice, samples and bespoke customer solutions.

 ATC Semitec Ltd

T: 01606 871680


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