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UK startup unveils hyper-precise tracking software that improves GPS accuracy


Geo-location startup, Naurt, has developed software for hyper-precise location tracking.

The UK start-up, called Naurt, promises 45 times more accurate location data .

Current Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology, i.e., GPS or SatNav, is not highly accuracy in built-up areas where even a reasonably large tree can make pinpointing an exact location impossible. Even in open spaces, industries that rely on knowing where something is in relation to something else are still using outdated technology that is good enough at best.

Naurt’s software does not replace the satellite location services but integrates seamlessly with it and fixes the problems that cause the location data to be inaccurate. Where businesses might currently be able to pinpoint a location to within around 20 metres, integrating Naurt could improve this accuracy to within centimetres.

“Standard satellite location services are no longer fit for purpose and are costing businesses and people time, money and safety,” said Jack Maddalena, Co-founder and CEO of Naurt. “Naurt is making geo-location ultra precise. We have created the world’s first platform that is able to improve on this without the need for extra hardware.”

Naurt’s mission is to unlock innovation by providing an essential enabler without which rapid progress in sectors that rely on GNSS would simply not be possible. The startup will remove a significant barrier to breakthroughs in emerging technologies and industries such as self-driving cars, automated construction, drone deliveries, last mile logistics, micro-mobility and more.

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