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Techsil to Launch Revolutionary Lightweighting Foams at the Design Engineering Expo


Design Engineers in the EV and AV markets are being pushed to save weight; Techsil is thrilled to be launching two pioneering lightweighting grades which are set to revolutionise potting and encapsulation in the Automotive Industry. 

Techsil will be showcasing their advanced thermal management solutions alongside some very exciting lightweight silicone and polyurethane foams at the upcoming Design Engineering Expo in June. These innovative lightweighting foams are set to revolutionise potting and encapsulation within the Automotive Industry, especially in the emerging EV (electric vehicle) and AV (autonomous vehicle) markets.

Up to 75% of fuel consumption is related to vehicle weight; Design Engineers are being faced with an impetus to save weight and Techsil is thrilled to be able to put forward these new pioneering products right when the market needs them.

Aside from being ultra-lightweight, foams can be very fast forming; they offer excellent protection to electronics; come with easy to use mix ratios and are perfectly suited for high volume, automated production lines.

The PU foam Techsil is most excited about is a grade already in production on a market leading electric vehicle carbon fibre spoiler. It’s a rigid, closed cell, 10lb density, foam system which flows exceptionally well into mould cavities and has excellent physical properties once cured.

The silicone foam is a variable density flame retardant foam system which has just undergone vigorous testing potting 3D printed parts. The application requires the chosen material to act as an ultra-lightweight gap fill and to provide water ingress protection for electronics, the product has performed remarkably and overcome multiple assembly issues. It is exceptionally fast forming and very versatile, it cures at room temperature and for the case of this application, it is being injected into the moulds.

Adam Johnson, Technical Sales Manager, and Tim Johnson, Business Development Manager, will both be at Design Engineering Expo at the NEC 8th and 9th June. Find them on Stand K2 to find out more and see how Techsil can help.

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