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Real-Time Spectrum Analysis option for Agilent PXA Series available from Electro Rent Europe


Today’s advanced aerospace/defence and communications systems must operate effectively in an increasingly cluttered spectral environment. The ability to identify intentional and unintentional sources of interference is critical to ensure optimum system performance.  The Real-Time Spectrum Analysis (RTSA) option for the PXA X-Series of signal analyzers from Agilent Technologies provides unmatched performance for the identification of elusive or intermittent signals.

In applications such as radar, electronic warfare, military and commercial communications, the probability of intercept (POI) is the key benchmark for real-time spectrum analysis. When configured for real-time spectrum analysis, the Agilent PXA can detect intermittent signals with durations as short as 3.57 µs, with 100% POI.

As an Agilent premier rental partner, Electro Rent has provided the PXA series of spectrum analysers to its customers since their introduction.  Electro Rent can now supply the new RTSA option for the PXA on the same rental or leasing terms.

Agilent’s real-time PXA provides 75-dB spurious-free dynamic range across analysis bandwidths of up to 160 MHz. This enables users to place deep and wide measurements anywhere within a measurement range of 50 GHz.  The PXA also provides the ability to vary the resolution bandwidth within a measurement span. With this combination of capabilities, users are better able to resolve closely spaced signals, identify intermittent low-level signals and ensure optimum POI.

For deeper analysis and thorough characterization of complex signals, the real-time PXA can be used in conjunction with Agilent’s 89600 VSA software. The advanced troubleshooting tools of the VSA software support measurements in the time, frequency and modulation domains allowing users to identify the root cause of signal problems. The software also provides connections to Agilent instruments such as vector signal generators and arbitrary waveform generators to play back captured signals as inputs to a device under test.

For Agilent Technologies, Frank Berthaux, European Marketing Manager for RF & Microwave products, commented, “One of the unique values of Agilent’s real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) solution is that it is an upgradable option for new and existing PXA signal analyzers. By partnering with Electro Rent, who already have PXAs in their rental portfolio, our customers can get the industry-leading, 160MHz bandwidth up to 50 GHz real-time capability they need immediately, without waiting for new hardware.”

David Saeys, General Manager for Electro Rent Europe commented, “Electro Rent has enjoyed a long and successful business relationship with Agilent Technologies, as evidenced by our status as a Premier Rental Partner.  We have a very wide range of Agilent test equipment in our inventory available for rental, lease or rent-purchase*.  The PXA series has been a mainstay of our inventory for many years so it is natural that we should include the latest RTSA upgrade.  Our customers require access to the most innovative and leading edge test products and the capabilities of the Agilent RTSA option make it ideal for capturing elusive signals in aerospace/defence and communications applications”

* Rent-purchase

In the current financial climate, companies are looking increasingly for alternatives to equipment purchase in order to minimise capital in favour of operational expenditure. Rental and financing services offered by Electro Rent Europe such as rent-purchase give customers the flexibility to use their opex budgets to acquire and ultimately own their test equipment resources.

With ‘rent-purchase’, Electro Rent Europe buys the equipment on behalf of the customer, new, directly from the manufacturer, and supplies it on a finance basis.  At any time during the agreement the customer can opt to purchase the equipment outright with all of the finance payments made by this time counting towards the purchase price.  Customers can acquire the equipment they need immediately without having to wait for capital equipment budgets to be approved.


About Electro Rent

Electro Rent Europe ( is a subsidiary from Electro Rent Corporation with headquarters in USA. Electro Rent Corporation, is one of the largest global organisations devoted to the rental, leasing and sales of general purpose electronic test equipment, personal computers and servers.


Electro Rent Europe nv

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