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Q&A with Sum Tsai, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Ryder Industries, about the challenges EMS companies are facing now


Q:        How is the electronics manufacturing services (EMC) industry shaping up at the moment?

A:        With challenges from online retail, branded products are experiencing a very dynamic business environment. Branded companies are more willing to outsource the heavy lifting to EMS so that they can focus on brand image and reputation, product roadmap, innovation, sales and distribution channels, and sales and service issues. EMS should be able to take care of the rest, e.g. prototype build, proof of concept, product design, cost improvement, supply chain management, manufacturability, NPI, and more.

In this respect, some traditional, older companies (like GE) may lose their inherent advantages.

Q:        How are current changes in the industry affecting Ryder’s business?

A:        Ryder has a solid foundation and customer base in the audio industry, both in production and design know-how, which helps our customers to be competitive in both product innovation and cost. The company has also been aligned with the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity. M2M is going to drive huge growth in the IoT business, and Ryder is gearing up to support it – in terms of reference designs, ready-to-go modules, skills, test equipment and manufacturing processes.

We also aim to develop more business in the health and wellness industries, which may help people to increase awareness in the areas of nutrition, beauty and personal care, mental wellness, pain relief and of course their overall health.

Also, Ryder’s interest and experience in integrating sustainability into its manufacturing sites and processes through using green methodology and practices, will bring Ryder to the next stage of substantial business growth.

There are two core business units in Ryder, and in the next three to five years we will most likely build another two core business units with comparative business. We will also structure our new global business development network to prepare for another new core business for Ryder.

Ryder runs its business efficiently, especially with regards to operations management. Some corporations develop a bulky hierarchy, losing flexibility and effectiveness. However, Ryder has managed to avoid that.

Q:        We’ve heard of Ryder’s “Swiss Precision: Chinese Scale” approach to business. What does this mean?

A:        Ryder Industries is a Swiss-owned company, with deep experience in Chinese manufacturing. It has some 40 years of operational history, originally as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and subsequently as an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS).

Chinese EMS is no longer a simple, cost-driven industry, but a design, quality and efficiency driven industry. “Swiss Precision : Chinese Scale” perfectly represents this trend, and Ryder has been working this way for over 40 years. This is also exactly what our customers are looking for, and we look forward to sharing our unique methods with more customers as we grow our business.

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