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Panasonic’s new high-performance power relay DZ-S


Panasonic’s DZ-S relay has been specially developed for the switching of the main power supply from the energy supplier to the consumer, which is one of the main functions in smart meters.

Besides the market for smart meters, the relay is ideal for any kind of application where currents up to 90A have to be switched. This can be applications in the Building Automation as well as in the Industrial Automation market. As proven by the conformity to the IEC 62055-31 UC3 standard, the newly developed relay has no problem handling short circuits of up to 3000A. Moreover, this latching type relay is helping to save energy for the whole application.

Its compact design (30mm x 38.5mm x 17.5mm (LxWxH)) and low coil power dissipation of 1.5W for the 1-coil latching type or 3W for the 2-coil latching type make this relay extremely attractive for all applications calling for energy efficiency. Here, the reduction of stand-by current consumption is paramount.

In principle, the DZ-S relay can be used in all applications which require a normally open (N.O.) contact to switch loads of up to 90A and 250V AC reliably. The relay hence complements Panasonic’s existing portfolio of latching type power relays. Especially for applications in smart homes with smart meters and time switches, the relay offers an added value for the user. Depending on the layout of the circuit board as well as on the mounting method, different kinds of terminal arrangements can be provided. Other prominent features of the coil latching relay are a high breakdown voltage of 4kV between coil/contact and a surge breakdown voltage of 12kV.

• Smart meters
• Building Automation
• Industrial Automation
• Charge station
• Time switch
Samples of the DZ-S relay are available upon request.


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