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OneSpin supports government-funded AI project


OneSpin will provide verification solutions to the Scalable Infrastructure for Edge Computing (Scale4Edge) project for bug-free and functionally- correct processors.

“The Scale4Edge project aligns perfectly with the goals we have at OneSpin to fully verify that integrated circuits are functionally correct, safe, trusted and secure,” said Raik Brinkmann, OneSpin President and CEO.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) of the German government under the ZuSE program, the Scale4Edge project aims to provide a commercial ecosystem to accelerate the development of advanced edge computing processors to handle the massive amount of data calculations for today’s and future AI and Industry 4.0 applications. This ecosystem will utilise the RISC-V instruction set architecture due to its scalability, flexibility, and cost-effective attributes.

The development platform will offer a complete accessible environment with all the necessary development components. SMEs in particular can benefit from this effort in order to develop cost-effective, innovative edge devices.

The Scale4Edge ecosystem is designed to allow for the development of smart sensor systems. This flexible environment will provide the required components to develop application-specific sensor solutions on the base of RISC-V. Industrial Scale4Edge partners will define requirements and support the research partners and companies in the targeted development of the Scale4Edge ecosystem.

Besides the development of efficient top-level architectures and related generators, ASIC design flows will be optimised from the system-level down to layout, and partners will develop and verify a RISC-V-based virtual prototype as well as develop an automotive sensor ASIC prototype. During this process, the Scale4Edge partners will work closely with OneSpin to conduct automated functional safety analysis.

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