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OK Labs and LG Developing “Defense-Grade” Mobile Devices


Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs), provider of embedded virtualization software for mobile and connected devices, and LG Electronics, a manufacturer of Mobile Smartphones and Tablets, today announced a partnership to create “Defense-Grade” mobile devices in support of a DoD contract with OK Labs. 


These ultra-secure smartphones, tablets and other devices will integrate key elements of the OK Labs High Assurance Framework and deploy the OKL4 Microvisor to virtualize Android, other mobile platforms and off-the-shelf mobile software, isolating mission-critical and personal operations modes.

In government as in enterprise, IT departments are faced with seemingly incompatible demands – to support mobile workers with secure communications, applications and access to organizational resources; and to accommodate those same workers’ desires to carry the latest smartphones and tablets for personal communications, productivity and lifestyle computing.  Today, the strictures of national and organizational security limit the choices for secure devices and applications, forcing workers to carry multiple phones and/or tablets – one for work and other(s) for personal use.

With the High Assurance Framework (HAF), OK Labs and LG will enhance mobile devices which may enable federal, military and civilian government employees to carry a single ultra-secure device to meet the challenges of today’s increasingly hostile cyber-environment.  HAF may also let those organizations accommodate the personal communications and productivity needs of employees and service personnel. 

“Through this contract with DoD and partnerships with LG and other members of the mobile ecosystem, OK Labs is meeting the secure mobile computing challenge,” commented Carl Nerup, VP Global Business and Corporate Development, OK Labs. “The mobile experience doesn’t have to be an insecure one – not for employees nor for the organizations that employ them.  The High Assurance Framework provides a means to integrate best-in-breed secure software components with COTS mobile hardware for cost-effective ‘Defense-Grade’ security.”

Key Facts
·         OK Labs and LG are working in partnership to develop and deliver “Defense-Grade” security in next-generation mobile devices

·         These devices will build on the OK Labs High Assurance Framework, integrating best-in-breed secure software components, including the OKL4 Microvisor for hardware-based mobile virtualization

·         The resulting ultra-secure smartphones, tablets and other devices from LG may serve the mobile computing needs of federal, defense and civilian government workers


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