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New Cross Domain Analyzer Enables Interference Analysis up to 43 GHz in a Single Box


Rohde & Schwarz completes its own substantial portfolio in Spectrum and Signal Analyzers with the new U3800 2-channel Vector/Spectrum Signal Analyzer from Advantest. Introducing this powerful measurement tool the company addresses the dramatically increasing information traffic which leads to the more effective use of the available frequency resources, new transmission technologies, multi-use frequencies and intelligent routing techniques.

On the other hand these innovative communication technologies demand to handle interferences and multi-path receiving techniques. In addition the EMI behaviour of new electronic equipment needs to be optimized more and more. The U3800 is a new sophisticated tool to support the modulation-independent interference analysis up to 43GHz.

Munich, May 11, 2012 – The Cross Domain Analyzer Series U3800 is the first 2-channel Vector/Spectrum Signal Analyzer on the market allowing the simultaneous phase-coherent signal analysis of two unknown RF signals with high dynamic and high bandwidth in a single, compact instrument. The phase-synchronous operation mode of this spectrum analyzer is the fundamental precondition for doing phase difference measurements in any RF multi-path application without the need to take out a partial component of the complete transmission path. The unit can realize internal vector calculation of two signals. So it can be used for quick and accurate detection of reception problems caused by inter-circuit interferences or by radio wave reflections.

The simultaneously, phase-synchronous measure of two signals can be used for more efficient identification of noise sources. It can help to identify the transmission path of interferers in electro-vehicles. XPD (cross polarization discrimination) in satellite communication, phased array / radar  antenna measurements, EMI and astrophysical measurements at inconvenient ambient noise conditions, antenna diversity or multi-path receiver measurements, smart antennas are a few examples of possible applications in the communication industry.

Based on its capability to measure and to compare two of any RF signals it offers the possibility to use it for in-operation process monitoring also in the non-communication industry e.g. at plasma etching machines in semiconductor industry, at particle accelerator applications or for any other material research and production process monitoring applications using microwaves.

There are three Advantest models available from Rohde & Schwarz: U3841 (2 x 3 GHz), U3851 (2 x 8 GHz), U3872 (2 x 43 GHz). Rohde & Schwarz is the authorized distributor for all Advantest T&M products for the area of Europe and Middle East / Africa.

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