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Navigation for autonomous vehicles webinar


Aceinna and WPG are preparing a short webinar for developers of autonomous vehicle navigation products, to take place on Thursday April 23, 1pm EDT (10am PDT).

The webinar will explain the recent trends and technology developments of importance to engineers and system managers developing autonomous vehicles.

Localisation and navigation technologies are essential factors enabling the success of autonomous vehicles – from farm and construction equipment, delivery robots and vehicles, to ADAS and next-generation Level-5 autonomous cars – all of these market sectors rely on newly-emerging affordable, highly-accurate navigation solutions. If a machine moves, it needs to know where it is at and where it’s going.

Starting with an overview of the most important software and hardware trends and navigation solutions, the webinar will then introduce Aceinna’s OpenIMU and open-source development platform for developing custom navigation, localisation and attitude applications for autonomous vehicle.

This open-source hardware and software allow customers to easily develop and optimise the code running in the IMU for their particular platform or application using free Microsoft VS Code IDE and the free Aceinna Extension to MS VS Code.

“Join us for a free 1-hour webinar to learn about how you can be successful in developing navigation solutions for your product lines,” explains Michael Murray, VP at ACEINNA. “This webinar is for anyone looking for a reliable, easy to master and inexpensive way to develop guidance and navigation solutions for a wide range of autonomous vehicles.”  

To sign up go to:

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