September 2022

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The impact of a low voltage source on a simple temperature switch

Since transistors are semiconductor devices, their performance varies with ambient temperature, which enables the design of temperature switches with simple transistor circuits. The higher the temperature of the transformer, the more current passes bet …

Addressing the needs of edge servers through highly-secure embedded CPUs

Software-defined network architectures, driver assistance systems and digital twins are just a few example applications that need powerful hardware at the edge of the cloud to process data and task operations. The edge, in turn, demands much greater re …

Wearables – more than just fitness trackers

Not that long ago wearables were still a novelty – wristwatch-style devices that would gather wearer’s fitness characteristics. Today, they a lot more than fitness and wellness trackers – they gather deeper insights into the wearer’s health condition, …

It’s the end of the production line for the lateral MOSFET

Profusion’s lateral MOSFET brand Exicon had stopped producing its longstanding metal-can MOSFETs. These widely-respected components have been in production for some 30 years, playing a fundamental role in many pro audio and DIY amp designs.

The time for Wi-Fi 6 is now!

Wi-Fi 6 uses orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA), which supports high-density deployments. This technology offers the bandwidth necessary for multiple users accessing the network simultaneously, helping to reduce power consumption of devices whilst providing high-quality connectivity.

Fotech increases accuracy of fibre-based sensing technology with Nvidia technologies

Technology company Fotech has used Nvidia’s GPU-accelerated computing and software solutions to process high volumes of data needed for its distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology. Fotech’s DAS technology turns a fibre optic cable into thous …

Green electronics project to create compostable crop sensors

An international research collaboration aims to find new ways of monitoring crop growth with biodegradable sensors that can be composted at their end of life.  The £1.8m project, called “Transient Electronics for Sustainable ICT in DigitaL Agricul …

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