November-December 2019

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EMC challenges in power electronics

State-of-the-art power electronics poses new challenges for science and industry.

Achieving fully differential output using single-ended instrumentation amplifiers

Can a differential output signal be generated using instrumentation amplifiers?

Probabilities of intercept – what signal can I see?

When looking for signal behaviour using test equipment, there is some information regarding these signals that we must know.

Low-cost differential radiometer dedicated to the demonstration of the human microwave electromagnetic field emission

The implementations of radiometers for the demonstration of human emission of microwave electromagnetic fields.

Training a neural network made easy

Training is a fundamental step in the process of developing an artificial neural network.

Modelling power electronics equipment

Engineers designing power electronics need to ensure that heat generated in the IGBT devices can be transferred away as easily as possible, into a heat sink or liquid-cooled cold-plate.

Accredited high frequency calibration – the only way to truly validate real-word power measurements

With standards such as IEC62301 Ed2.0 and EN50564:2011 covering standby power consumption, and the SPEC guidelines, there are many solutions for measuring power at higher frequencies.

Immersion cooling for electric vehicles enables super-fast charging and improves range anxiety

All around Europe deadlines are being set for last orders on internal combustion engine vehicles, and some companies are taking early steps in developing the EVs and the charging infrastructure.

Analogue output module for a 0-5V to 4-20mA signal converter

This series of columns is dedicated to a project involving thirteen analogue input modules and seven analogue output modules to connect to the ADC/DAC channels of a 5V microcontroller.

Electronics-enabled smart packaging on the rise

IDTechEx also sees a trend to dual-frequency RFID tags where consumers can use their NFC phone to interact with the product.

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