July/August 2018

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LoRa in private and public networks
By Martin Keenan, Technical Director, Avnet Abacus

Optical fibre speeds up automotive applications
By Carlos Pardo, CEO and Co-Founder, KDPOF

Using low-voltage drivers to boost RF power amplifier efficiency
By Mustafa Acar, Osman Ceylan, Felicia Kiebler, Sergio Pires and Stephan Maroldt, Ampleon

VHF-band path-loss model for low-rise antennas
By Jiawei Zang and Xuetian Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

New quad-mode crossed resonator and its use in bandpass filters
By Jun Cheng, Qin Zhang, Xiu Shan Liu, Yi Fan, Li Gong Wang and Xiong Ying Liu

A 60GHz CMOS differential power amplifier with capacitive cross-coupling neutralisation
By Wang Wei, Huang Meng Jia, Yang Hao, Chen Ting, Yang Zheng Lin, Yuan Jun and Wang Guan Yu, Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunications, China


By Oliver Rovini and Greg Tate, Spectrum Instrumentation, and Arthur Pini, Independent Consultant

PCB cleaning
By Mike Jones, MicroCare

Analogue input/output modules
By Dr Murat Uzam


Trend: Hiring the right embedded designers for the IoT



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