February 2022

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Building and evaluating an underwater RF communications link

Here is a project that evaluates the underwater sailing behaviour of a submersible model – remotely and in real time.

New hybrid ADC technology solves tough measuring challenges

By Grant M. Smith, technology writer For decades now, DAQ (data acquisition) systems have been based on either delta-sigma ADCs or successive approximation (SAR) ADC types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.  Figure 1: Direct comparis …

New approach to custom interconnect development

Many OEMs are now outsourcing specialist designs for items such as power supplies, preferring to focus on their core competencies where they can add value. The same can apply to custom connectors.

Wireless lighting control standardised by DALI+

DALI+ enables existing DALI commands to be carried over wireless and IP-based networks instead of the dedicated pair of wires that are typically used to connect DALI devices.

Hardware-in-the-loop automotiuve simulations become more realistic thanks to collaboration

Driving simulation experts rFpro and embedded electronics specialist Xylon are jointly preparing hardware with a simulated environment in an effort to accelerate the testing of complex automotive systems. Their setup will allow interfacing for both ope …

UK tech team ‘teleports’ humans into robots

UK robotics company Cyberselves has developed a “telepresence” technology that allows humans to teleport into a robot and control it in an intuitive, immersive way. The human operators can see, hear and feel through the robot, allowing them to perform …

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