February 2021

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Address decision fatigue – before it turns into spaghetti code

With an endless need to make decisions, and hours on end of coding, developers may find themselves leaning towards the option that requires the least amount of effort.

Ensuring reliable operation of DC-DC converters with cooling and derating

The use of surface-mount placement for all components, computerised optical inspection of solder joints, automated test and laser marking have eliminated most manual tasks in the production process.

Technologies likely to reshape the telecoms landscape in 2021

We see developers and providers of products focusing on improving communications solutions for our remote working world. Hence, the five trends we see for 2021.

CEA-Leti prepares a quantum-photonics platform for ultra-secure data transmission

CEA-Leti is building a quantum-photonics platform to develop next-generation technologies for industries that require ultra-secure data transmission. Quantum technology promises to provide extremely safe data encryption required by the finance, health care, energy, telecommunications, defence and other sectors.

Cambridge start-up to develop locational data system for shared transport networks

The main shortcoming of existing traffic/pedestrian management solutions is their restricted object identification capabilities, particularly in low light or poor weather conditions caused by fog, snow and rain.

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