December 2021/ January 2022

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Testing principles at the heart of the interoperable world

Standards are the essential enablers for interoperability in an increasingly connected world. As such, testing is essential to ensure that equipment and systems produced by implementers of our standards work consistently.

LTE for specialised applications

Today, more and more wireless applications require fast, reliable, secure communications, in a growing range of uses that include satellite communications, aviation, high-speed rail and private networks

A guide to specifying medical connectors

Medical devices based on electronics technology can cover everything from disposable, one-time-use devices, to handheld diagnostics and bed-side patient monitoring and large CT and MRI scanning systems. While specifying electronic connectors for these medical applications requires the same consideration as for many other applications, there are some factors that are unique to the medical market.

Protecting IIoT devices from cyberattacks

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is at the heart of Industry 4.0, facilitating easy connectivity for harnessing and interpreting data, which in turn helps manufacturers tailor their predictive maintenance programmes for greater efficiency.

ESG for a better world

Climate change is arguably the most pressing challenge facing our planet today. Social inequality in all its forms is also generating considerable concern globally.

Graphene valleytrionics could bring on personal quantum computers

A team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay and Max-Born Institut in Germany have achieved a breakthrough in valleytronics that could lead to quantum computers being accessible to all. To date quantum computers have been l …

Enriching hydrogen isotopes in silicon could lead to more durable electronics

A team of scientists from Nagoya City University (NCU) in Japan has developed an energy-efficient strategy to enrich silicon surfaces with a dilute deuterium solution. Deuterium is a heavier but less abundant version of the hydrogen atom that offers ma …

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