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IoT connectivity available at the touch of a button, thanks to Murata and Truphone


Murata announced its partnership with global mobile network provider Truphone to deliver state-of-the-art IoT connectivity in a few simple clicks.

Murata will use Truphone’s SIM technology to allow users to connect IoT devices to network providers from the moment they switch it on – without any complicated activation process or manuals, just connectivity from the touch of a button.

“Together with Murata, we have developed a groundbreaking solution to make connecting devices as simple and seamless as possible. Both Truphone and Murata share the belief that the full potential of IoT lies in its ease of use. Our plug-and-play model champions exactly that. No lengthy onboarding processes, no complex set-up – it just works,” said Ralph Steffens, CEO at Truphone.

Effective immediately, Murata’s customers will be able to add Truphone connectivity to any hardware purchase through Murata’s website – integrating the two e-commerce portals for a seamless purchase journey.

The partnership will provide OEMs of all sizes with industry-leading IoT connectivity services starting with device and application development. The Truphone network supports 2G, 3G, 4G and CAT-M1/LTE-M worldwide – with a single SIM card – and gives every customer access to its IoT connectivity management platform, ‘Truphone for Things’.

Truphone’s simple prepaid data plans (which provide coverage in multiple countries across a three-year period) simplify the connectivity process, so manufacturers can focus on what they do best – building their connected device.

Murata’s low-power module, Type 1SE, includes a Truphone eSIM profile and is integrated with our M2M eSIM remote SIM provisioning service. There is no need to source external SIM cards – OEMs can activate Truphone connectivity instantly.

What’s more, Truphone’s model invites other MNOs to be onboarded to the RSP so they can similarly provide connectivity by downloading their profiles through the M2M RSP.

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