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HONGFA Relays from Transonics for Lighting Control Systems


Applications include building automation and energy conservation

The HF3FA and HF115F HONGFA relays available now from their UK franchised distributor Transonics have been designed specifically for lighting control systems. Working in conjunction with PIR or other sensors these new relays may be used in in building automation, energy conservation, safety and security systems.


The HF3FA sub-miniature relay measures just 19.00 x 15.20 x 15.50mm and provides a 15A switching capability with either a normally open contact or change-over configuration. Housing material flammability meets UL94, V-0, UL Class F insulation is available and electrical breakdown comparative tracking index to CTI 250 may be specified. Coil operating voltages for the HONGFA HF3FA may be specified as 3, 5, 9, 12, 18, 24 or 48VDC.

Two models of the HF115F relay are available both with either normally open or change-over contacts. The HF115F-I has a high inrush capability of 80A at 125V and the HF115F-S features a special contact construction capable of switching an incandescent lamp load up to 3000W 230VAC with a peak inrush capability of 800Amps.

Both models provide a 5KV dielectric strength, meet reinforced isolation requirements, have a creepage distance of 10mm, low package size with overall dimensions just 29.00 x 12.70 x 15.70mm. UL Insulation Class F and IEC 60335-1 if may be specified if required. The HONGFA HF115F-I and HF115F-S may be ordered with coil voltages over the range 5, 6, 9, 18, 24, 48, 60 and 110VDC.

All HONGFA lighting relays may supplied flux proof for use in contaminate free, clean areas or plastic sealed for use in dusty or harsh environments, are designed for PCB mounting and are RoHS compliant. HONGFA relays meet the safety requirments ot VDE, UL/CUL, TÜV, and CQC and have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 operations depending on model and load.

Craig Lowe, Sales Director of Transonics comments, “the lighting relay range from HONGFA offers cost effective high reliability automatic switching of lighting systems in a wide range of applications. HONGFA is one of the largest relay manufactures in the world with an annual production capacity of 1 billion pieces and sales of more than $700 million in 2013. Hongfa has 14 manufacturing subsidiaries, boasting a total factory area of some 330,000m² and designs and manufactures its own advanced automated manufacturing systems for relay production.”

Transonics has access to the complete range of relays manufactured by Hongfa which includes 160 different series of relay types, with some 40,000 different models, all of which are accredited by UL/CUL, VDE,. Hongfa have a very active new product development philosophy with typically 15 to 20 new series being introduced each year and are happy to offer tailor-made products for OEM applications.

The Hongfa relay product range are suitable for applications as diverse as signal relays for telecoms, security and fire alarms, AV equipment and instrumentation. Automotive types for power, security, anti-theft and driving information. Latching relays for electricity meters, circuit protection and industrial automation. Power relays for industrial control, security and the growing home appliance and office automation markets. Hermetically sealed types are also available for aeronautics and space, hazardous areas and tractions systems.

Transonics plc. is a leading supplier of electronic components and logistics solutions, providing a full PCB design and manufacture service in addition to its component supply, CEM and logistics services.

For details of HONGA lighting relays available from Transonics, semiconductor products, displays, power and e-mech components, device programming, PCB service, customised logistics solutions including the backup and support of their systems analysts, global marketing team and highly qualified engineers and technical support staff call  0845 567 8899, email or visit

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