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German government financially supports British students in Germany


The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is stepping up the Corona assistance for foreign students: For the months of July and August, the German government offers financial support that does not have to be paid back. All students enrolled at German universities who have fallen into an emergency situation due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, can apply for the interim financial aid.

According to MyGermanUniversity, a portal that supports German universities in recruiting international students, this help is especially important for foreign students, since in this group 75% work in Germany during their studies and are thus more vulnerable to financial hardships throughout the pandemic.

“The interim financial aid is, so to speak, a gift to students. Thus, many British students can continue their studies in Germany without fear of additional debt,” said Tobias Bargmann, CEO of MyGermanUniversity.

In order for students from the UK to be able to use the interim aid, they must prove that they are currently in a financial emergency due to the pandemic, for example, because their part-time job has been cancelled. Depending on the situation of the applicant, the bridging allowance varies between 100 and 500€ per month. MyGermanUniversity advises all British students enrolled at German universities to make use of this option.

According to MyGermanUniversity, approximately 300,000 international students are studying at German universities. In an international comparison, Germany stands out as one of the countries that are also supporting foreign students in the Covid-19 pandemic. This fits in with the general internationalization strategy of the German higher education landscape, making Germany one of the most popular destinations for international students.

[Image credit: Annie Spratt for Unsplash]

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