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Europe’s largest open innovation platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN presents 40 new pilot projects at EXPO DayDay


As Europe’s open innovation platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play approaches the end of its seventh round: 27 startups working with 29 international partners on 40 new and jointly developed pilot projects will be showcased at EXPO Day in Stuttgart on February 13.

Topics of the seventh round of pilots and ongoing implementations include future car technologies, sustainable materials, and enterprise solutions. Among the 29 partners of the platform are Daimler and Porsche from Germany, DXC Technology from the US, Motherson from India, or Yanfeng Automotive Interiors from China. 

Some of the projects to feature at EXPO Day include the following:

Porsche and Way Ahead Technologies seek to solve safety challenges in mobility 

Porsche’s pilot project with Way Ahead Technologies of Switzerland, builds on a previous STARTUP AUTOBAHN project for the development of Augmented Reality Head-up Displays. ‘Way Ahead’ tracks, maps and visualises real driving live and in 3D with the use of a normal 2D camera. The technology can transform the driving data into a 3D environment and generates highly accurate replay for interactive analysis. It can be used for different applications, including in safety with data for predictive navigation, danger spots or lane guidance, or in gaming, allowing the player to virtually drive against real driving data. 

Ottopia and T-Systems partner to make vehicle teleoperation a reality

Israeli teleoperation startup Ottopia and T-Systems have partnered to commercialise Ottopia’s patent-pending technology, enabling the safe remote control of vehicles. With the goal of providing an automotive-grade platform to automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and various commercial fleet managers, teleoperation will save resources and save lives. Ottopia’s technology can be applied in a wide range of applications, to remotely control vehicles and machines in shipping ports, airports, mines, factories, logistics centers, and more. The same technology improves services like remote valet parking, driverless end-of-line logistics, and driverless taxis. Ottopia and T-Systems will show a first-of-its-kind product demonstration at EXPO Day, remotely driving a car in Tel Aviv all the way from Stuttgart.

Mercedes-Benz to welcome Ghost vibrations to be used in car navigation systems 

Berlin startup Ghost converts complex information into vibrations that can be felt. In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Group Research, Ghost’s “feel-it” technology could be used in support of voice input for navigation systems. This could mean that if a driver needs to take a turn at an intersection, a vibration would be sent to the side of the driver’s seat to inform them of the direction they need to take. 

Mercedes-Benz turns trash into sustainable solutions with UBQ Materials 

With a nod to the circular economy, German automotive manufacturer and Israeli startup UBQ materials have paired up on a pilot to convert household trash into car parts. UBQ Materials has developed a new technology that takes waste that cannot be recycled and converts it into a new material. The project’s concept is to create car parts or packaging for the automotive industry from this eco-friendly material, significantly reducing CO2 levels in the production process and help car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz to produce more sustainably. 

Motherson works with Moonvision to detect visual defects in production

With their sights set on improving quality in production, Motherson has been working with Moonvision, a startup that uses camera feed and customised software to detect visual defects. In the production facilities, Motherson’s parts are inspected at each step of the production line and as this is a time-consuming process subject to human error, a solution is being piloted together to improve the efficiency and overall quality. The team has already tested eight different types of defects and created three models and is working on the next phase for creation of automated process security applications via conveyer belt.

Biomyc and Mercedes-Benz develop eco-friendly replacements in car production 

Together in a pilot project, Mercedes-Benz Group Research and the Bulgarian startup Biomyc are jointly developing a customisable cover from sustainable materials to be used in assembly. The project seeks to substitute unsustainable materials with a green solution, explore product innovation, and develop a better end of life solution for this cover. The concept is MoSchu 03 – a mutilation cover that can service not one, but six cars, made out of a 3D-printable, industrially compostable, plant-based plastic with recycled content.

About STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play

STARTUP AUTOBAHN is an open innovation platform that provides an interface between innovative tech companies and industry-leading corporations. The basis of the program is the partnership that develops between startups and the corporate business units.

Since 2016 STARTUP AUTOBAHN has worked with 220 startups on 320 pilot projects in various areas from mobility, production, and enterprise. More than 60 innovations out of those pilot projects have already been implemented, making STARTUP AUTOBAHN Europe’s most successful innovation platform.

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