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Electronica: VersaSense presents MicroPnP: the world’s first plug-and-play IoT platform for Sensing-as-a-Service based on SmartMesh IPO from Linear Technology


VersaSense will present live demonstrations of its award-winning MicroPnP product range at Electronica, Linear Technology Stand 524, Hall A4. MicroPnP is the standards-compliant and low-power Sensing-as-a-Service solution that combines zero-configuration plug-and-play integration of IoT peripherals, scalable & 24/7 monitoring and control of devices across different sites, with secure and ultra-reliable wireless networking from Linear Technology.

The MicroPnP platform offers a complete hardware and software platform supporting a range of over 50 different plug-and-play sensors that instantly integrate with any network to provide instant sensing and control at a greatly reduced total cost of ownership.

MicroPnP features a unique value proposition:

  • True plug-and-play identification and integration of any sensor and actuator at 10 million times lower power than existing solutions.
  • Ultra-reliable networking through SmartMesh IP from Linear Technology (>99.999% end-to-end data reliability).
  • Next-generation security techniques guarantee security and privacy from the embedded sensor to the cloud.
  • A decade of battery lifetime, with accurate tracking of battery levels for every device in the network.
  • Open standards and protocols ensure seamless interoperation with no-vendor lock-in.
  • Flexible service models: directly integrate MicroPnP in any existing network, or immediately connect with online cloud services offering sensor data collection, visualization and rich business intelligence.

MicroPnP delivers these unique features at a fraction of the acquisition cost of traditional wired and wireless sensor and actuator products.

MicroPnP devices are compact and designed for ease of use. They are deployed in different business scenarios ranging from factory or data center monitoring, smart farming, to home energy management for clients that vary from SMEs to multinational corporations.

MicroPnP won third place in the 2015 international IPSO challenge and was nominated for the 2016 IoT hardware awards.

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