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DesignSpark engineering community to produce 3D-printed visors for health workers


RS Components and the National 3D Printing Society (N3DPS) have joined forces to produce personal protection equipment (PPE) for frontline health workers. RS will donate 400kg of PLA filament to N3DPS from end-of-reel-supplies, to produce up to 20,000 visor frames.

RS has reached out through its DesignSpark engineering platform to the 930,000-strong community to join this urgent campaign – all those with access to a 3D printer can now produce NHS-accepted protective visors!

RS has also been developing a 3D printing farm in Corby, Northamptonshire, which will produce over 1,000 visors per week for this initiative, thanks to a loan of 3D-printing machines by the N3DPS (see photo). The printing farm will begin production during this week.

“In this global pandemic it is critical that we all work together with the same shared goal of keeping frontline staff, health workers and patients safe. This collaborative effort among the 3D printing community will go some way to providing PPE that is currently in such desperately short supply amid this crisis,” said Mike Bray, VP of Innovation at RS.

If you have a 3D printer, and would like to help, please join the Slack channel at:

To produce each complete visor and deliver it safely costs £1.50, which means for just £15, ten staff will be protected.

The National 3D Printing Society has a Just Giving page for any donations to help towards these costs. Help if you can at

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