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ByteSnap launches troubleshooting and rescue service for electronics


ByteSnap Design, the embedded systems consultancy based in the UK, plans a new service to put struggling electronics projects back on track.

The ByteSnap Design Rescue Service includes a thorough analysis of a project to identify reasons for failure, advice on the best approach for rescue and provides realistic timelines for delivery. Whether a rescue means replacing some components or starting from scratch to deliver a working product, the ByteSnap team believes has the experience to recommend the optimal solution.

Even with the best requirements and specifications, electronics design projects can drift. Missed deadlines lead to slower time to market, frustration in both technical and management teams and potential financial and reputational damage if a product isn’t delivered on time.
The service was developed for the increasing number of clients approaching ByteSnap to troubleshoot electronics and software design projects.

ByteSnap lists the following examples of projects it had helped so far:
• Completing a specialist mobile phone design that was six months behind schedule;
• Fixing EMC issues with an industrial motor controller;
• Redesigning a security camera system that had been architected in such a way as to be incapable of meeting the original requirements;
• Moving a GUI from a poor performing QT implementation to a 15x faster solution based on SnapUI (ByteSnap’s User Interface Development Framework).

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