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Apacer Zooms in on Networking and Telecommunications Market


Responding to key trends, such as cloud computing, IoT and big data, in the wake of strong growth in the networking industry worldwide in recent years, Apacer Technology has launched the DDR4 VLP Mini RDIMM memory module as the best storage solution for networking, telecommunications and embedded systems. Compliant with new-generation ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture) specifications for telecommunications and communication equipment, the DDR4 VLP Mini RDIMM memory module measures only 0.738-inch high. It is suitable for space-constrained 1U rack systems, blade servers and embedded systems, effectively improving heat dissipation, and improving system stability and reliability.

Networking and telecommunication specifications in the past were complicated and not standardized, causing many unnecessary problems in system design. ATCA is a new series of open architecture specifications developed for networking, telecommunications and industrial automation computer products. This series of specifications allows networking, communication and storage devices to be integrated on a single platform, greatly lessening the burden of monitoring and management. Adopting the common industry platform, Apacer’s new DDR4 VLP Mini RDIMM memory module fits perfectly into networking and communication equipment, such as router, gateway and switch, and embedded industrial automation equipment, reducing R&D costs and shortening time to market. Its expandability also provides immense convenience in the integration of the networking environment.

JEDEC-compliant Apacer DDR4 VLP Mini RDIMM memory module measures only 80mm long, which is 60% the length of the standard 133mm RDIMM. Available in 4GB and 8GB capacities, its 1.2V ultra-low operating voltage is up to 30% more power saving. The DDR4 also supports deep power-down mode, reducing close to 50% standby power consumption. Its power efficiency is particularly significant in satisfying the requirement for low power consumption in industrial embedded, networking and server systems. It is equipped with ECC function to ensure memory access reliability and data integrity, and has built-in thermal sensor that monitors temperature changes during memory module operation and optimizes power use. Apacer DDR4 VLP Mini RDIMM memory module demonstrates high-speed transmission and low power consumption within space-constraint systems. Furthermore, its ATCA-compliance allows for system integration, providing the highest quality and stability. 

Apacer DDR4 VLP Mini RDIMM specifications:

Module Type DDR4 VLP Mini RDIMM 

Frequency 2400MHz /2133MHz 

Capacity 4GB/8GB 

Voltage 1.2V

Pin count 288-Pin 

Width 72-Bit

PCB Height 18.8mm ( 0.738”)

PCB Length 80mm

About Apacer

Apacer Technology Inc. offers a wide range of industrial SSD, digital consumer products and memory modules. Together with its broad R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing strengths, it has become a leading global manufacturer in the industry. Since its establishment, Apacer has always followed its promise, “Access the best,” to produce reliable, innovative products and services. Apacer supplies customers with high performance, reliable, high value memory modules and flash memory via a marketing network that stretches across worldwide distributors, product manufacturing facilities, and retail consumers. Apacer provides innovative, state-of-the-art digital storage products to store, record, and share the digital information crucial to their work and essential to their daily lives.



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