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Apacer exhibits at DSEI presenting its product portfolio and technologies for the defense and military industry


Apacer Technology will be presenting its product portfolio and technologies at DSEI, the world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition, from 10th until 13th September 2013 in the Excel London (UK).

Apacer Technology designs, manufactures and markets high quality, high performance flash and DRAM memory used in a variety of demanding storage applications.

Defense and Military applications are doubtlessly mission-critical operations, requiring hence the most demanding, reliable and robust systems. Without unplanned downtime, defense and military applications can’t survive the hostile environment where temperature, altitude, humidity conditions are severe and extreme. Moreover, anti-vibration and shock resistance are vital system requirements too.

As one of the innovators in the field of SSD and DRAM solutions, Apacer is committed to offering a wide range of products featuring industrial reliability, rugged design and cutting-edge technology for, amongst others, defense and military applications. Apacer’s product range can be applied in a variety of defense and military related applications such as: aerospace, aircrafts and helicopters, missile systems, radar bases, submarines, combat vehicles, communication systems, video surveillance etc.

One of the products Apacer will be showcasing at DSEI is the SAFD 25P, a 2.5” SSD, which was given the Editor’s Choice Award by the professional American magazine – Military Embedded Systems in October 2012.

Apacer’s SAFD 25P was designed for the warship with arctic navigation purpose. In order to operate smoothly in the severe environment, the reinforced aluminum case is adopted to resist the system vibration and shock impacts. The conformal coating can also be applied to effectively achieve the damp proof, mould proof, corrosion prevention, parts loosening prevention and insulation functions. It can operate normally within a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and delivers sequential read/write speed up to 265/230 MB/sec, with 12K IOPs. In particular, it can be started up successfully even in an arctic environment (-40°C), enabling various military devices to perform tasks accurately in any kind of environment.

With regards to the growing demands for enhanced data security, Apacer Technology has developed a versatile set of SSD data security commands – the CoreSecurity Technology. This technology allows data security levels to be enhanced through customized firmware, in order to prevent data leakage or hack and to increase reliability of storage devices.

The CoreSecurity Technology is made of three functions: CoreEraser, CoreDestroyer and CoreProtector.

Particularly interesting for the defense and military applications is Apacer’s CoreEraser Technology Class 3: the MIL Erase class. The Military Erase supports a series of globally certified disk erasing methods which comply with military and industrial use standards, such as DoD 5220.22-M, NSA Manual 130-2, USA AF AFFSSI 5020, USA Army 380-19, USA Navy NAVSO P-5239-26IREC (IRIG) 106 and NSA 9-12 etc. In addition to executing data erasing actions of the user blocks and free blocks, most Military Erase standards write random data into the destined blocks and repeat it for secure removal of sensitive data.

Quality assurance, professionalism, commitment, experience, reliability, customization are the unparalleled values exclusive to Apacer’s Industrial SSD and DRAM Solutions.

Visitors are welcome to drop by our booth N9-419 located in the International Electronics Pavilion.

Apacer Technology

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