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Ursula von der Leyen and The Fourth Industrial Revolution


Regarding the leadership changes heading the way of Europe come November, unfortunately for England, the proposed leadership group are all fervent federalists who believe in a United States of Europe. 

Even worse for England, they are all supporters of The Spine of Europe, and I believe would accept England’s EU exit to achieve EU peace and prosperity with the Russian peoples but not Putin. I can well understand the English people’s reluctance to accept this point of view even if it was brought forthright to their attention.

Thus, I would not be surprised if President Macron were to veto any further extension at the Council of Ministers meeting in October or prior to this, even if he is unprovoked by the Johnson Government first. To complicate matters, the new Foreign High Representative, is a Spaniard who appears to want to seek to make EU inroads into Spanish Latin America. Shall he build a political wall here against President Trump? Importantly also Vestager shall become a Vice-President.

President Juncker set in place a regulatory framework for privacy, cybersecurity, copyright and telecoms. Though the Digital Single Market is still not mission accomplished, largely being “overshadowed” according to Lisa Fuhr of ETNO, as a result of Brexit. It also needs a banking union to accomplish this fully.

As for President Ursula von der Leyen herself she is a well-known quantity (at least to me), not just from a defence point of view but for the fact that she is a power broker trustee of the World Economic Forum. I would draw your attention to her biography on the WEF web site along with the list of the other trustees. I trust that you agree with me that Klaus Schwab has assembled a well-balanced team to guide the 4th Industrial Revolution. I believe Ursula’s focus and legacy shall be mHealth and AI and she shall look for external guidance to the WEF. 

In ex-PM Theresa May terms Ursula, born in Brussels and being European, is a citizen of nowhere. I believe, as with Johnson, she shall be known in the UK on first name terms as Ursula not VDL.

President Ursula has stated that in her first 100 days she intends to put in place a coordinated European approach on the human and ethical implementations of AI, in short, she is taking up where Obama left off. Hence, I am attaching two recent WEF reports; one their view of the 10 emerging technologies and the second on building value on blockchain technology. The UK media has so far failed to grasp the significance of the this WEF network involvement. The question appears to me is: is Johnson not only taking on the EU but the WEF – the ultimate globalist powerbrokers as well? My advice for your magazine, understand the WEF agenda. 

On the rest of EU front, this month, legislative steps to classify Facial Recognition Technology as “Biometric Data” which falls under the “Sensitive Data” auspices of the GDPR, therefore it will require “explicit consent” to harvest. Simple move, profound consequences. 

This aspect plays into the recent S&T excoriation of the May government through “The Work of the Biometrics Commissioner” report, from 18th July attached, and even strengthens the hand of the Information Commissioner Liz Denham. 

However, would you not agree it shall also put the kibosh on one of the UK government’s proposed technology solutions for the “frictionless” NI Border from the Irish/EU perspective? The Brexiteers won’t like this aspect being added to the EU arsenal for Soft Border Technology. 

Another unacknowledged under the radar technology aspect I would bring to your attention regards the historical debate in the US over the human implanted VeriChip, which is MRI incompatible, from Applied Digital (see HR 3200). I have no intention of wandering into the quagmire of the US Religious Right politics but sometime soon someone is going to shine a light here before it is imported into the UK. 

For a not-quite-conspiracy theory perspective, I am told the book to begin your evaluation with is “Spy chips: How major corporations and governments plan to track your every move with RFID” by Katherine Albrecht from the 3G era. I have not read it. Although even the Daily Mail appear to have got on to this page when it reported that 150 employees of Epicenter in Sweden were “microchipped” in 2017. 

Where else overseas is the UK government looking for soft border technology clues? This is not just about chipping cattle or sheep after all. I wonder who holds all the leverage cards here.

Of course, I have no intention of pointing out to Johnson that you need a cross border Spectrum Monitoring system to be in place for a soft border.

So, the issue here is how do the Brexiteers view this RFID technology for tracking criminals and immigrants? Essentially through the lens of modern-day slavery?

Incidentally it also openly emerged this month that one of the pieces of “leverage” the government believes the UK holds over the rest of the EU is that we host 40% of Europe’s Data Centres. Oh Dear!

As with Age Verification Checks, they clearly fail to understand just the true nature the Internet and who really owns and designs this physical infrastructure. This very important issue of Online Verification shall eventually descend into being a regulatory bun fight between the US, China and the EU with the EU holding all the best cards. Especially as President Ursula is well versed in Virtual Sovereignty to enable the EU to “face” them both down. 

So, actually I am quite optimistic about the future of the two applications I cited in the Staying Ahead of the Game Blog as the subsystems and sensor technology are nearly there. It is now simply a matter of the payment mechanisms between peer-to-peer vendors and system integrators that needs to be addressed for 5G Stand Alone technology. 

Johnson’s Bluff, Bluster and Bullying shall get nowhere with the EU who shall merely keep calm and carry on with the 4th Industrial Revolution. In this respect the 4th Industrial Revolution aspect, the penny has failed to drop that it is a real revolution that shall upturn the current geopolitical setup. 

This is where Currency Wars themes enters into the game, which I shall address next, really do matter.

This Currency War aspect plays to Johnson’s statement “The people who bet against Britain are going to lose their shirt”. 

I think not!

Best Regards

Barry McKeown

25rd July 2019

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