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TFT-driven solid-state reflective display proves its commercial viability with GEN2.5 line fabrication


Oxford-based Bodle Technologies has developed the world’s first TFT-driven solid-state reflective display (SRD) fabricated on a GEN2.5 line at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). This is an ultra-low power, colour reflective display, based on phase-change materials, which work over a wide range of temperatures.

Led by Bodle’s VP for Manufacturing, TS Jen, the team in Taiwan transferred the designs and research activities directly from the Oxford-based team to produce the test displays.

“This is an important milestone for Bodle, giving us the confidence that our technology is manufacturable using standard processes. We are delighted to be doing this in an ecosystem where many new display technologies have been launched,” said Jen.

This step forward provides further impetus to the company’s expansion and scale up plans within Taiwan as it looks to commercialise its technology within the coming years.

“To see this technology being scaled from a few pixels on R&D samples made on a lab coater to work on displays with nearly a quarter of a million pixels, made on a production coater is fantastic. Many of the materials and production processes are based on those used for rewritable optical disc, an area where I have worked for many years. We have been able to apply these processes to accelerate this move to a more manufacturable process for the SRD,” said Andrew Pauza, VP of Materials and Engineering at Bodle Technologies.

SRD applications include second screens for mobile devices, electronic shelf displays and personalised jewellery and watches, among many others.

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