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SMPTE Introduces New Virtual Classroom Course


The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has expanded its SMPTE Virtual Classroom offerings with a new course, “Imaging System Fundamentals: From Light to Lenses”.

Led by instructors from the Rochester Institute of Technology, David Long and Ricardo Figueroa, this course will cover the underpinning concepts and scientific principles as the basis for understanding how imaging systems work, with comprehensive attention given to the physics of image capture.

“Imaging systems are a foundational element of both the cinema and broadcast sectors of the industry,” said SMPTE Education Vice President Sara Kudrle, who is also product marketing manager at Imagine Communications. “With the Society firmly committed to serving as the educational resource for industry members throughout their careers, we feel this course will be tremendously valuable and address a fundamental need, especially for those early in their careers, mid-career professionals, and those who have learned mostly through self-study. Motion-imaging technologists and creatives are afforded an opportunity to increase their professional knowledge and value in a subject area that is of immense importance to major players — and potential employers — across the industry.”

Enabling global education, the program is available online to participants around the world. SMPTE Virtual Classroom courses support in-depth understanding of critical media and entertainment technologies and related SMPTE standards by blending the convenience of independent study activities with live, online weekly interaction with instructors. This format allows participants to access curated learning resources on their schedule to better ensure learning reinforcement and retention of fundamental technical knowledge, without the expense of travel. Once a participant successfully completes a course, SMPTE issues that person a Certificate of Achievement as acknowledgement of meeting the requirements of the course.

This latest addition to SMPTE’s Virtual Classroom offerings is an eight-week formal technical course covering the fundamental concepts and principles of imaging and video systems. “Imaging System Fundamentals” will address the physics of image capture, focusing on the nature of light, the properties of light-matter interaction, and the intentional collection of light through optics. Instructors and course material will provide numerous examples to assist participants in understanding lighting, color science, lenses, and imaging technology. While prior experience with college-level math and physics will be helpful, it is not required. The course will introduce these concepts with an emphasis on applied science and practical implementation in modern image-capture technology.

Participants who opt for the independent self-study version of the course will have access to the same course material as is provided for the instructor-led versions, with twice the number of weeks to complete the coursework.

During these blended-learning courses, participants engage in independent study and weekly, one-hour instructor-led coaching sessions that assist them in understanding more complex topics and activities. The live coaching sessions are recorded for on-demand viewing by those unable to attend, and instructors also provide timely responses to participant questions posed through the course’s online discussion forum.

[Image credit: Jed Villejo on Unsplash]

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