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SIGLENT Technologies introduce a new member in its Portfolio of Oscilloscopes


The newly released SDS2000X-E Oscilloscope offer a 2 GS/s Sample Rate and will be available with bandwidths of 200 MHz and 350 MHz. With all its standard features and functions, it is the perfect tool for analog circuit design and fit well for the needs of any service department.

Hamburg, December 2018: SIGLENT Technologies presents its new oscilloscope, the model SDS2000X-E series. These two-channel models supplement the existing SDS2000X series and extend the maximum bandwidth up to 350MHz. The “-E” name-affix stands for Economy and like all other SIGLENT “dash E”-products, this oscilloscope offers high value by including many advanced functions at a low price.

The SDS2X-E series feature a single channel sample rate of 2 GS/s, 28 Mpts of acquisition memory and the fast waveform-update rate of up to 110,000 wfm/s. The digital trigger, low noise front end and vertical sensitivity of 500 µV/div combine to provide a troubleshooting tool that technicians and Engineers can rely on when analyzing small signals and hard-to-find issues. .

The powerful FFT (up to 1 M sample memory depth) opens the window into the frequency domain for EMI troubleshooting and spectral analysis. The serial bus triggering and decoding for I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN give valuable insights into serial bus communication. The segmented memory together with multiple trigger functions help to capture and monitor rare faults easily. The SDS2X-E also continues with the SDS1X-E series by including free Bode Plot functionality. When combined with a SIGLENT signal generator, the X-E coordinates frequency response characterization for filters or determining stability though phase and gain margin measurements in closed loop circuits. All these functions from above are implemented as standard at the SDS2000X-E.

The current options include:

  • 16 digital input channels (SDS2000X-E-16LA/SLA1016), an external single channel signal generator (SDS2000X-E-FG/SAG1021), and WiFi connectivity (SDS2000X-E-WiFi/TL-WN725N).
  • This makes the new SDS2000X-E series one of the most powerful and flexible scopes for analog circuit debugging in this price range.
  • The price for the SDS2000X-E series starts at 539.-€ (plus VAT

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