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Scholarships launched at University of Limerick by Analog Devices


Two science and engineering scholarship programs have been launched by The University of Limerick (UL) and Analog Devices (ADI). They will be awarded to students pursuing a PhD and undergraduate degrees at the University of Limerick in Ireland.

The scholarship programs have been announced in honour of Peter Real, ADI’s late chief technology officer (CTO) and UL alumnus. It will fund post-graduate PhD research with a focus on scientific, biomedical or ecological disciplines and enable a US citizen to complete a fully funded PhD at UL over a period of four years.

The Peter Real Analog Devices Scholarship for undergraduate students, which will award €5,000 each to three students, are merit-based and students who are accepted to UL with top academic grades will be considered. The funds are designed to help support cost-of-living expenses, including room and board. Scholarship funds will be awarded to one student in each of the following categories:

  1. A student studying science or engineering
  2. A graduate of a Boston, Mass.- area high school in honour of ADI’s global headquarters location
  3. A student pursuing a general UL undergraduate degree

The scholarship program’s namesake, Peter Real, received a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Systems from the University of Limerick (formerly the National Institute for Higher Education) in 1981. Mr. Real enjoyed a successful engineering career including serving as CTO of ADI where he led and defined the company’s technological vision. He held strong ties to both the United States and Ireland, having worked at ADI in both countries. In 2019, Mr. Real was posthumously recognized at the University of Limerick’s Annual Alumni awards for his outstanding contributions to science and technology.

“Peter was an engineering industry giant, holding nine patents and having deep experience across different engineering roles, mentoring many future engineering and business leaders. Throughout his career, Peter nurtured technology development at UL as well as in the United States and advised many research bodies across the globe,” said Martin Cotter, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Digital Marketing at Analog Devices and a close colleague of Mr. Real’s for many years. “When we thought about how to recognize Peter’s contribution to our company and to the industry, it was a natural decision to fund scholarships that represented his personal and professional relationships with the United States, Ireland and the University of Limerick.”

For more about the undergraduate scholarship program or apply, visit:

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